The Cane Corso Mastiff is a strong powerful breed. IT IS NOT THE BREED FOR EVERYONE. It requires a devoted, consistent and  confident owner that is willing to put the time in with the dog. We do not recommend this breed to any first time dog owners and strongly suggest this breed for only more experienced  owners. Although these dogs are highly intelligent and easy to train, they love and were bred to work. Cane Corso's are very strong willed and requires LOTS of socialization. A puppy /dog that is not properly socialized at a young age can feel threatened by other people, dogs, places, even objects, and can become fearful causing him to turn to aggression, which this can occur in any and all breed of dogs! The difference is a full sized Cane Corso Mastiff could do a lot more damage than your little Boston Terrier. They are protective working dogs but gentle and affectionate with its' owners. Cane Corso Mastiff are great with children and families. Their main focus is to appease their owner and will stay close , following them around their home and yard, they do not wonder away. They are very devoted to their family and will protect their turf if the situation presents itself. They will not back down from other dogs or people if they feel they or their family are being threatened. They make an exceptional guard/watchdog.


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